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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sims 4 Stafford Legacy Reboot! Interested??

Hello everyone!!

Long time no see.

So I play Sims 4 now, and I was just feeling my creative writing itch coming back. As I was brainstorming for a story idea, I got the feeling I wanted to revisit The Stafford Legacy. After rereading some of the story and remembering the things I had planned, I got excited all over again.

I also noticed that somehow, after all these years, this blog is still getting views. That was inspiring as well.

SO... if you would enjoy reading a Sims 4 reboot of The Stafford Legacy, continuing where I left off, PLEASE comment!! Thanks!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Would you continue reading?

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a very, very long time since I've updated this legacy. I got extremely busy with work and my college studies and also discovered a new Sims 3 story forum called Writers Block, which provided tremendous support for growing Sims 3 authors. I got way more response to my stories there than I do here, so I started focusing on those stories instead.

However, I had a huge fan base for this story all the way from the start. So, to make sure you all know how much I did (and still do!) appreciate you, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you a question. Is there anyone still out there that is just dying for me to continue this story? I really put my heart and soul into this story. It was my first Sims 3 story, and I still love it. But I got discouraged by the dwindling comments.

I now can tell that there have still been a steady flow of page hits since I stopped posting, and that made me wonder whether there were still people out there waiting for me to continue. I know that might be a lot to ask, considering how long it's been since I last updated.

But if you all are out there... please post a comment so I know you're there. If there are even a few of you left, I will do all in my power to continue this story.

Again, I apologize for my extended absence and hope you will post if you're still interested in reading!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Generation 2; Chapter 12: A Charmed Life

Victoria couldn’t believe how quickly time had flown. But then again, they say time flies when you’re having fun. And in Victoria’s case, “fun” was an understatement.

Anthony was perfect. Being with him was everything she had ever wanted and more. 

He cared for her. Her life. Her wants. Her needs. Her dreams. He wanted nothing more than to satisfy her however he could.

He always took her to exciting places. A date was never dull with him. And she had truly loved every second.

But the best date was the day he took her to the beach. He had said he had a very important question for her.

She could remember even now how her heart had soared when he pulled out the ring box. It was hardly even a question. 

She had never had a doubt in her mind that he was the one. 

From the day they met, she had known.

The wedding had been kept low-key but elegant. Just a few friends gathered to celebrate their special day. They had gotten married on the beach where the engagement had taken place.

She finally had what she had craved for so long. Someone who accepted her and loved her in every way. Which was something that she hadn’t been able to get from anyone, save for her mother, which she had been too naïve to see while she was alive. 

So why now, after all this time, was she almost nervous to break the news to him?

As the elevator doors opened, Victoria stepped into the apartment with her heart racing.
“Anthony?” she called, coming through the front door.
“Hello, love!” he said, coming out of the living room and kissing her gently.

“I have something to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“Anthony… I’m pregnant.”

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Generation 2; Chapter 11: The Contents Within

The next morning, once Victoria had gotten a chance to unpack her belongings, take off her travelling coat and wash off her face (leaving just a trace of the gash on her cheek), she scooted over to the chest lying on her floor.
She had risked her life to have this chest back in her possession, now it was time for her to finally see what was inside it.

There had to be a way to get this lock open. Victoria thought hard for a second. Emory wouldn’t have given her this chest if she didn’t have a way to open it. That’s when she remembered her locket.
She had worn this locket ever since she was a little girl. She could never even remember taking it off. Emory must have given it to her.

She opened the locket and pushed it into the key slot on the lock of the chest. She was thrilled when she heard the click of the lock turning.
The lid swung open and Victoria gasped when she looked inside. There were many beautiful gowns and accessories neatly lying inside. There were gowns of many different sizes; for different ages, she assumed. A little velvet-lined box contained a beautiful and intricate tiara fit for a queen.
Victoria noticed a folded piece of parchment in the box with the tiara. Very carefully, she unfolded the parchment and read it.

“My dearest Victoria,

I hope that this letter finds you safe and sound wherever you may have ended up. I want to share these gifts with you and your future heirs in the hopes that you will not give up your true heritage. You are royalty of the house of Stafford, Victoria, and had I not run away that night, you would be the heir to the Britain throne.

It is up to you what you do with these items. But I do wish with all of my heart that you will one day share them with my grandchildren. Let our legacy live on, Victoria. Don’t ever forget who you are, and who loves you.

You are always the most dear to my heart, my little Victoria. I know you have struggled, but know that I always have and always will love you very much. I have missed you while you’ve been gone, and can not wait for a day when we will be together again.

Your adoring mother,

Emory Stafford”

Victoria could hardly read through her tears by the end of this letter. Part of her was relieved that she managed to get this away from Clyde, while the other side of her almost wished she hadn’t read it. She didn’t know what to think. Or feel. She just stood there, looking at her name scripted beautifully on the page.
Victoria picked up the most beautiful gown she could find and took great care in putting it on.

She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The gown fit her perfectly, and looked stunning. With fresh tears welling up in her eyes, Victoria pulled her hair up and slipped the tiara on.

For the first time, she saw it. Victoria saw herself in the 1600s, learning how to rule a country. Attending balls. Learning from her mother all of the etiquette that a future queen would need to know.
Something inside of her snapped.

She threw the gown and tiara back into the chest and slammed it shut. She couldn’t handle this. She ran dragged the chest back into the elevator and out into the yard.

"There," Victoria said, wiping the dirt off her hands from burying the chest. She couldn't bear it. It would have to stay hidden. That wasn't her life. It was her mother's. 

It was her mother's.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Generation 2; Chapter 10: Caring Arms

“Aunt Belle, this isn’t the way back to the apartment you took me too.” Victoria hadn’t dared to speak to Belle for most of the walk back, but she was tired and hurting and just wanted to be laying down.

“Well, now that our cover is blown, I figured you might as well just stay at Anthony’s apartment.” Belle said, somewhat coolly. “Besides, I don’t think Clyde will be giving you any more trouble.” It was the first hint of kindness she’d heard from Belle all night.
Belle stopped suddenly, dropped the chest and pulled Victoria into a tight hug.

“Victoria, I was so worried. I… I didn’t know if I could get there on time… When I realized you were missing, I listened for his thoughts, and when I saw what he wanted to do to you… I just… I couldn’t…” Belle’s hands flew up to her face.
Victoria threw her arms around Belle again and held her tightly.

“Aunt Belle, I can never thank you enough for what you just did. I… I don’t want to know what would have happened if you hadn’t shown up. I love you so much.”
Belle leaned away and smiled at Victoria.
“Come on, let’s get you home and clean up your face.

When they arrived at the apartment, Anthony buzzed them in, surprised at their visit. But he was even more surprised when he saw Victoria’s face.
“Victoria! Oh my God, what happened to you? Are you okay?” He put his hand gently on her face. Victoria felt chills down her spine at his touch.

“I’m… I’m going to be alright now,” she said, quivering a bit. “Anthony, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a very long time. I love you, Anthony. I truly do.” She felt the tears start to well up in her eyes again.
Anthony grabbed her head and pulled her into the most passionate kiss Victoria had ever felt.

Victoria felt her tears and pain melt away. Her heart was soaring. She was finally away from Clyde. She was with Anthony.

Belle felt a smile break onto her face as she saw the two finally together. Her plan had finally succeeded.

“I’m sorry we’re a few days early,” Belle said, pulling them from their trance. “As you can see, there was a bit of a… mishap.”
“Oh, it’s no problem at all! Welcome home, Victoria.”
Victoria looked deeply into his eyes. Home.
Now all that was left was the matter of this chest.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Generation 2; Chapter 9: Onslaught

Victoria could smell alcohol on his breath. She felt a scream building up inside her, but couldn’t let it out. She knew how he got when he was drunk. He got violent. This was not good. Not good at all.

She felt Clyde grasp her shoulder. His fingers tightened suddenly and he whirled her around and slapped her across the face. Hard. She felt her skin split.
Now the scream came out. Victoria shrieked and Clyde jumped on her, pressing his hand over her mouth and grabbing her around the throat.
“Nobody… leaves… me…….. especially… YOU!” Clyde glared into her eyes with fire as hot tears ran down her helpless face.

Clyde viciously pressed his lips to Victoria’s, and suddenly she found herself filled with adrenaline. Not the good adrenaline she had felt before, but a sort of survival instinct that kicked in. She shoved Clyde off of her with a terrified sob and fell back on the bed as the blood she was loosing started to catch up with her.

“You little pretentious bitch!” Clyde yelled as he launched forward, pinning her to the bed and kissing her again. But this time, she couldn’t stop him. She was feeling weaker by the second.

She tried to kick and scream, but she couldn’t get away. It was no use. Just as her vision started to tunnel, the weight of his body suddenly lifted.
Through her tears she saw two glowing blue eyes behind Clyde’s surprised face.
“Aunt Belle!” Victoria shrieked, leaping from the bed.

Clyde tried to hit her, but with a swing of her arm, she easily threw him into the wall. Clyde let out a loud, guttural yell as he tried to pull himself off the floor.
But Belle had given into her primal vampire instincts. Even Victoria found herself frightened by her.

Fueled by her rage, Belle leapt onto Clyde and started ferociously hitting him until he stopped fighting her.
“Don’t… you… EVER… come near my niece again!!” Belle panted furiously. 

Clyde pulled himself off the floor and ran from the house. Victoria was still sitting on the bed, faint from blood loss and what she had just witnessed. Belle turned to her suddenly.
“Let’s get out of here. Now. I’ll get your ridiculous chest. Let’s go.”

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Generation 2; Chapter 8: Mission Impossible

Victoria slipped onto the subway as insignificantly as she could, pulling her dark overcoat tightly around her. She glanced around nervously, expecting to see Clyde turn the corner at any second. But if she was anxious before, it was nothing compared to how she felt when she got off on the other side of town.

“He’s got to be out,” she thought to herself. “A Friday night at midnight… he’s got to be.”
When she got to his house, she crept up the side of the wall. Inhaling deeply, searching for courage, she managed to peak in the window.

She let her breath out rapidly in a sigh of relief. He wasn’t in the common area. Creeping up to the mailbox, she located his hidden key. She couldn’t help but smile to herself at his stupidity for keeping the same hiding place after she left.

She quickly slid the key into the lock and turned it as quietly as she could. Cautiously entering, she let the door close behind her, but took care not to let it close all the way.

It was strange to her how terrifying it was being back in this house. Not wanting to waste any time, she quickly and silently crept over to her bedroom door. He must have figured out a way to unlock it, because the handle gave way and she entered the dark room.

The bed was unmade, probably from when Clyde had burst through the door looking for her and consequently thrown back the sheets in a blind attempt to try and find her. And there it was, over in the corner right where she had left it. The chest that she had never opened. The chest that had belonged to her mother before she died. The chest that was rightfully hers. 

She could tell the lock had been tampered with, but luckily it had held fast. The trunk was still shut tight. It was now that she realized a mistake… how was she going to sneak this out of here? It was fairly heavy and not easy to conceal. She would just have to hurry.

But she would not have time to deal with this problem.

The calm but intense voice came from the darkness, out of nowhere. “Well well well, look who decided to come back after all.”

Victoria felt her stomach lurch and turn to lead as she tried unsuccessfully to suppress the yelp of terror that escaped her lips. She didn’t dare turn around, because she didn’t want to believe that the voice she heard had actually come from him.
But reality struck as she heard him approach her from behind. She couldn't bring herself to turn around.

Victoria couldn’t speak. Or move. She could feel the danger in the air. She literally thought her vocal chords were no longer functional. She felt numb.
Clyde put his face right over her shoulder and whispered in a horrible, demented tone,
“You’re gonna pay for leaving me. Oh yeah, you’re gonna pay.”